Tennessee Death Certificates for $7

 1908-1953 only

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Click here for $7 Texas Death Certificates by Jay Odom

For research purposes only, I will send you an uncertified photo copy of the Tennessee Death Certificate 1908-1953,

Most of the time all I need is a FULL NAME, APPROX. DEATH DATE, and PLACE OF DEATH. HOWEVER, I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO FIND THEM WITH JUST A NAME. Please provide as much info. as possible. There is an index to the Tennessee Death certificates (1908-1953) available to the public. If you know the certificate number, that will be a great help. There are lots of other records that you can use to find out more about your family.

The death certificates are just the beginning! Most of the time you will get a Name of Parents, Place of Birth, Date of Birth and Death, Spouse Information and place of burial.

Email me with any questions: Jay Odom

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